Sunday, November 05, 2006


The next two weeks of work are going to be very stressful for me. Each day, the parents of one class will be in to watch (10 classes, so 10 days of stress). Monday will be the hibiscus class. The class (around 35 students) will be split into two groups, each in a different room. I am supposed to teach a 15 minute lesson in each of them. And they don't want it to be a normal lesson. They want a 'special' lesson to be taught, only they never really specified what they want me to be doing. I found out a couple of weeks ago that the parents were going to be coming in this month, but they didn't tell me any of the details. And when I asked, I didn't really get any answers.
I had a doctor's appointment for next week, made a couple of months ago, which they knew about. Last week they told me I had to change the appointment. Thanks for the advanced notice. Luckily I there was an opening this past Friday. So then Friday morning, I was getting ready to go to the hospital, when my work phoned to say I should go to work because I had to practice what ever lesson I was going to do with the class on Monday. Well, they should have thought of that BEFORE Friday. I went to the hospital, not to work, obviously. So then I had to spend my break from LCC at the kindy in order to discuss what I was going to do for the lesson. I said I would do basically what I would normally do, only a bit more organized. They said, no, they didn't want me doing that. They wanted a 'special' lesson. Well, I had asked many times before what I was supposed to be doing and never got an answer. Anyway, I went and spoke to the hibiscus class teacher. They practiced the chant for the last book that we had done. So I will read through that book once (with the students repeating) and then do the chant, as well as a song or two. So I am doing what I would normally teach. So then the office said that was okay. Oh... and all of these conversations were through Kelly, the Korean English teacher, as none of the others speak any English.
Oh... and Friday the said I should wear a suit or something like that. For the next 2 weeks. Nice. I have no suit, nor will I be getting one due to lack of money and the fact that it isn't exactly easy to find things that actually fit me in this country. I don't even have a pair of black pants here!! I will wear what I wear, and they can deal with it. It's not like I wear grubby clothes or anything.

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