Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The other day Lynn, a grade 4 student (though she's Korean, she goes to an international school and her English is better than her Korean), asked me if D-I-S-S was a bad word. I said no, diss is not a bad word but it is bad to do it to people. Then she replied that she had thought it might be a bad word because it "sounds like a bad word because it is a mix of P-I-S-S and D-I-C-K." (Yes, she was spelling the words out and not saying them because they are bad words).

learn some Korean???

A book made by Koreans to help foreigners learn English.
Hmmmmm...It says, "Me there will be a possibility of carrying that it peels?
Apparently the Korean actually means something along the lines of not being able to do something.
Maybe the "Capter I", "Capter II" and "Capter III" found at the top of every page might be a hint that it's not the best book to pick up in order to help you learn Korean.

spring flowers


Mmmmm... Meat.

At Mapo Galbi in Hwajeong - they pour egg on kimchi and other stuff in a tray around the grill to cook. Yum.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stupid birds.

Ever been hit in the head by a bird? It doesn't feel good.
The other day I was walking to a taxi by Apgujeong station and all of a sudden WHACK, a pigeon smacked the side of my head with its wing as it flew up to the overpass. The side of my head hurt for the rest of the day!!!!
Stupid bird.