Saturday, November 18, 2006

the kindy's 'pets'

A while back, the kindy got a few new pets to display in the halls: bugs. There is a little tank with a couple of water beetles. There is a tank with crickets in it. And there are the beetles... There is a big tank with two of them on the main floor. On the second floor, there is a container that had a two beetles in it, which then layed eggs and died. There are bits of the beetles still in there. There is not much going on in the tank now. Beside that is a container with two larvae, that just sort of lay there wiggling all the time. They seem to be doing well, though, as they have grown. To get a good picture of them, I had to pick them up. The kids that were around LOVED that. They were all quite grossed out by it. A few GIRLS, though, wanted to take a turn holding them. NOT the boys.I should mention that the 'farm' is no longer a farm. The turkeys and ducks and chickens are all gone. I'm not sure exactly when they disappeared, but I haven't heard them in a long time, and I went out back to look the other day and it was all changed. There is now an outdoor picnic/sitting area where the 'farm' was (fenced in, as it is for the school only). Maybe they ended up in the lunches(?).
There is now only one rabbit, one guinea pig (there were 2 a week ago!!??), one hamster, and one quail. And, of course, all of the turtles and fish (tanks of each on first and second floors) are all doing still around and doing quite well.

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