Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mini Salamander

Tiny salamander. There isn't much info out there in English on the kinds of salamanders in Korea. A site I found said that Korean salamanders take up to one or two years to mature to the point that they lose their external gills and leave the water. Ones in the exotic pet shops here that I have seen are much bigger and still have their feathery gills. This one has already lost them and has sort of molted a layer. Interesting. It now looks a bit different in both color and shape- it is darker and the head seems much more angular than before.

Lake Park.

Went to Lake Park in Ilsan last weekend for a birthday party picnic.  It really is a lovely park.  I had only been there once before (I remember only once for sure) but didn't realize it was that big.  
I quite enjoyed the hot sunny weather on Saturday sitting in the shade of a tree munching on all sorts of snacks that people brought.  
It is a the largest man-made lake in the East, I seem to remember hearing a long time ago.  No swimming allowed there, though.


I've been staying at work later because I had time to waste.  Today I left a bit earlier than normal because I decided I wanted some coffee.  Angel-in-us Coffee by Oksu station.  Much fancier than the ones I've been to in other places,though they could have all been renovated since I went.