Thursday, November 30, 2006


We had our first snowfall today. It didn't last long. This morning during my first class, I could see giant flakes falling. The kids were all excited. It didn't last. By lunch time, it had turned to rain.
They had a bit of an around the world day at the kindy today. 5 of the classrooms were set up with stuff to do with the different continents. Each kid had a little passport. Today the five classes of 7 (5/6year olds) year olds had their turn. Tomorrow it will be the rest of the classes. Because of the activities, I only taught 5 classes today, but it they were upped to 20 minute classes. Not a big deal. I just added the hokey-pokey to every class.
Tomorrow is my morning off, but I'll be heading to the hospital for blood tests and a dr visit. Another one. See what he says this time.

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