Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lunch at the kindy.

The kindy school has a few cooks that make lunch for everyone in a tiny little kitchen. In the kitchen, there are 2 fridges, 2 huge sinks, a table, 3 huge rice pots along one wall, a 2 burner gas range in one corner, and a gas burner in the middle of the floor (usually with a big soup pot on it). I felt bad for them this summer, because there is NO air-conditioning in there, and with all of the burners going, it gets SO HOT in there. Anyway... I will try to remember to take pictures of my meals, and post some of them.
Today's lunch was rice (of course) with beans in it, cold boiled eggs and meat (pre-cooked) that have been marinated in a soy sauce mixture, seaweed soup (I opted out on that... can't stand the stuff), and the usual sides such as radish kimchi (on the right) and regular kimchi (left). The only way I like seaweed is in the form of 'kim' (middle), which is roasted, lightly brushed with sesame oil, and lightly salted. It is for wrapping around rice. It is also good on its own (depending on the brand, I suppose, as the stuff at the school isn't my favorite).

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