Saturday, November 11, 2006

persimmons II

I've sort of become addicted to persimmons. There are 3 kinds to be found here. I've only tried two of them, the second being only yesterday when one of the Korean English teachers had one cut up to snack on. Both of the kinds I have tried VERY yummy.Both are shaped sort of like a tomato (the first time I saw them I DID think they were tomatoes, but didn't buy any). I keep buying the orangy-red soft ones that I mentioned before. I eat at least one a day. I peel them (the skin is sooooooo thin but comes off fairly easily), then just eat them. There are no seeds or pits or anything, just sweet and mushy yummy flesh. When I first felt one, I wasn't sure if it was still good, as the way it felt reminded me of a tomato that was left out in the frost (think... a mushy tomato if you aren't somewhere with frost). The yellow-orange ones (slightly bigger) are hard and a crunchy, but have a similar taste. One of my students gave me one today. The other kind (hachi fruit?) are much bigger, red-orange, with a different shape.
They use persimmons for several things here in Korea. They eat them ripe or dried. They use persimmons to make vinegar, and to make Sujeonggwa, a persimmon/cinammon drink, which I quite like.

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