Friday, November 03, 2006


I suppose you could say I am obsessed with pens... they are one of my MANY obsessions. Korea only made that obsession worse, as they pens here are usually fun and colorful and CHEAP! Some are normal ink pens, some are gel pens, some are shimmer or sparkle pens. This is not all of them. I only brought about half of my pens with me back to Korea (I was here before, twice, each for at least a year). And those aren't the only ones I have here, either. I can say, however, that I have only bought about 8 pens so far this year, and some of them were marking pens for work.

and another view

One might ask WHY I need so many pens. I guess I don't really NEED them... but I do use them... for writing letters: yes, I write actual snail mail letters... on REALLY COOL stationery (another of my obsessions that being in Korea has fueled... I may post on that another time), and for doodling.

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