Tuesday, November 07, 2006

stress II

Well... I have finished 2 days of my 2 weeks of hell at work. This week is the 7 year old classes, as I mentioned. It only actually lasts 30 minutes each day, as I teach each half of each class (one class a day) for only 15 minutes. Then it is back to the usual classes for the rest of the morning. I was given the week's schedule first thing Monday morning (other classes had to be moved around to accomodate both in time and in location), basically a few minutes before the first class. I was to start at 10:15. The first class on Monday got started a minute late. I had been told to finish the first group at 10:30. I finished at around 10:31. Jenny's activity took a bit long, and so she didn't finish until a couple minutes after I did. So my second class started almost 5 minutes late. I did the exactly same lesson as I had the first group, and so I finished 5 minutes later than I should have (I was supposed to be teaching another class after that, but figured that was more important as the parents were there). Later I was informed that my lesson was too short, and Jenny was told hers was too long. They said a 15 minute lesson. Mine was 15 minutes. What do they expect? Do they want me to count the seconds??? They also said that I should have the kids be a bit more active. Well, in a 15 minute class, there are only so many things I can do. And they specifically said, if I am playing a game, or have volunteers, I have to make sure that every student has a turn. Well, to do that it would take more than the time alloted. Argh.
Today I added one more little action song, to add a bit more time and to get the kids to be a bit more 'active'. Well, the first group went okay. Then I was with the second group. I had everything set up, we were going to start a song... and nothing happened. I pressed play again, and nothing happened. The numbers on the CD player blinked a bit, and then it just said "NO DISK". WTF???? And everyone was just sitting there/standing there watching me. I was just about ready to just start singing the song sans music (I would have had the same problem later, though, as one of the other activities also included a CD), one of the teachers ran out and grabbed a CD player from another room. I hate technical difficulties. And then at lunch time, Jenny told me that SHE tried to use the CD player, but it didn't work, but she had enough other stuff to do that she skipped that step. She TOLD the teacher that the CD player didn't work. So they KNEW that it didn't work, and they KNEW that my lesson plan included things that I needed the CD player for. I felt sabotaged.
Today I started planning my lesson for the 6 year old classes. I have it all figured out. I am planning on doing a practice of the book and chant and such with each class the day before their parents are to come in. I figure they already know the book very well (it was the last book that we did, and it is mostly just to do with counting to 10) so I don't need to over do the rehearsing. I am only giving the 7 year olds one practice class.
The kindy office phoned LCC today to have Kelly ask me if I have my lesson prepared. I said I was doing that today. They phoned back saying that I didn't because the teachers said I did normal things in the classes today. I said would practice the lesson before it was their turn. I was questioned about that. They think the kids need to practice all this week. There is no way I'm going to do that. These are 5 year old kids. They get bored of things easily. What better way to bore them than to make them do the same thing over and over and over. Most of them already know the book by heart, and the ones that don't, well, I'm not sure they ever will, as they are the ones that don't care and would rather sit there picking their noses (literally).
Oh... and... as there are 2 Korean English teachers, they each only have to do this for one week. Jenny this week and Kelly next week. On top of the half hour each day that they get to miss, Kelly gets a morning off this week, Jenny gets on off next week. I get NO mornings off for 2 weeks, and I had missed an extra morning last week due to sleeping in and feeling sick, so they office is saying that I should miss my morning off the week after next. WTF!!! Not fair. I WILL complain about that. Next week, maybe. Beginning of the week. I'll go on strike if they argue with me about it.

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