Friday, November 17, 2006

the ants...

After I saw the ants earlier this week, I sprayed my entire living room. I told my boss the next day about the ants, and she phoned the owner lady who lives upstairs. She said she has a solution for the problem. Something that she does to get rid of ants. (She says she hasn't seen any.) She came banging on my door that evening (she usually rings the doorbell and then keeps banging on the door until I actually open it). She came in with two dishes of her magic mixture... something like honey and rotten fish and such. She put it down in one corner of my living room and in my kitchen. Well, I had sprayed the kitchen VERY WELL a couple of nights before, and the living room the day before. She said she would be back in the morning. Before I went to bed, there was a highway of ants to the container in the corner of my living room. There were none around the one in the kitchen (I think I sprayed it well enough that they won't be back there for a while... I hope). The next morning, nothing had changed. She came banging again in the morning, and then came in, picked up the dish, plunked it down in a bit of water, and wiped the ants off of the rim, into the water. After making sure she had all (most) of them, she put it back down where it was. She moved the one from the kitchen to another place in the living room. It still didn't attract any. She came back last evening and this morning again, doing the same thing, only this morning she made a fresh batch of her mixture. She said something about it taking 5 days of doing that before the ants are all gone. I'm not so sure about that... but I'll give her a chance to prove her solution works. I think you would have to clean the rim a lot more often than twice a day to really make any difference. All they are doing in between is carrying the food to their nest... feeding the future ants. She should put some sort of ant poison in the mix. That would fix that problem.

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