Tuesday, November 28, 2006

gotta love weekends.

Sometimes I love the weekends in Korea. I'm still getting over this past one.

Friday night I headed up to Ilsan after work. It takes me about 2 hours to get there. A friend of mine returned to Korea recently and has a new apartment. Housewarming parties are always great. David spent the summer riding his bicycle across Canada!!!!! [8929km/5548miles] No small accomplishment!!!

Anyway, after the party ended, I hung out with David and Kath for a while before I crashed on his sofa for a few hours. I ended up sitting around with Kath and David half of the day Saturday doing nothing but talking, eating and drinking great coffee (REAL coffee from press, as opposed to the instant coffee I usually have) and tea. When I did eventually make it home, it was only to get ready to go out again. I love dancing... I could dance all night... and when I go out, I usually do. Saturday night I went out with Yiannis. I've known Yiannis basically since I got back to Korea, but hadn't really talked to him much. He really is a cool guy to hang out with. I thinkI might have mentioned him before... when I went to Muuido, he's the one that disappeared into the sea, and also thought it would be fun to jump in the fire. He'll never live that down. We met some very interesting people. I met a pro dart player!!! In Korea. funny. And I met a soldier (MP) that looks like Macaulay Culkin. I am NOT joking. I'll have to get the pics from Yianni. I think I got home at around 7am or so on Sunday. I'm not altogether sure. The only problem with going out like that is you can't really have any plans to accomplish anything the next day. I slept for a few hours but then MADE myself get up, or I wouldn't have slept at all last night. Today wasn't so bad. A bit out of energy, but not too bad. I still made it to the gym after work.
I started going to the gym last week. I decided I really need to be doing something, anything. The doctor actually told me NOT to go to the gym. He also told me NOT to walk, and to just relax. And to NOT go to Shanghai when I did, as I needed to relax. I can only sit around doing nothing for so long. It really does get to you. Sometimes being lazy is great, but not when it is all the time, every evening, every day. Sometimes you have to ignore the doctor's advice. Especially when the doctors don't speak the same language, and don't always listen to everything that you tell them.
It's a good thing I'm getting a new camera for Christmas. Thanks!!! :D
The battery cover on my camera no longer closes. The little latch broke this weekend. I took out my camera to take a pic with the Macaulay lookalike and all of a sudden my batteries fell to the floor. I'll have to get it fixed to use that camera as a back up. Plus I still have the lenses for it.
I found out that I have to attend a seminar on Saturday morning. It goes from 9am to 1pm. Annual Seminar for Native Instructors
It seems kinda pointless to me, but my boss says I have to go. Ugh!!!!

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