Sunday, November 26, 2006

the colder it gets, the shorter they get!!!

Turning Heads Make Skirts Rise
Normally discounted during the hard-to-sell cold weather season, short skirt sales have gone through the roof since the winter months began to show their colors. Online shopping mall G-market is currently selling on average15,000 mini-skirt and hot-pants per day, with some 450,000 units sold in October alone, a 10 percent increase from their summer season turnover. The mini-skirt fad is led by celebrities - Uhm Jung-hwa caught the nation’s eye with her black, underwear-style hot-pants during her recent stage come-back, whilst another top singer Lee Hyo-lee is seen scantily dressed in her TV commercials, such as Samsung Anycall. Her fans are right behind her sexy new look and the so called 'Lee Hyo-lee pants' have emerged as a top selling garment in the online markets.
Why is it that the short skirt fad has continued so long into the new season? A popular skirt-length theory suggests that skirts get shorter when the economy slows down, though industry insiders claim that this is due to changes in how people perceive beauty. An insider said "Young women these days wear mini-skirts whether they are fat or slim. When people say sexy, they mean pretty, confident and cool. They no longer think of women who expose their whole thighs to be vulgar, and this encourages women to wear less and bare more." [Chosun Ilbo]

Everywhere I go here I see girls in VERY short skirts and knee high boots, or leggings. I've also seen several girls wearing shorts the past couple of weeks. It just looks strange. Shorts in the winter??? The guys enjoy the short skirts, I'm sure. Everywhere you go, there are stairs. I Korean friend of mine (a guy) once mentioned that many guys enjoy walking behind girls in skirts up the stairs in the subway stations. Obviously. Knowing that everyone here is armed with a handy camera phone, I'm not sure I'd feel very comfortable wearing a short skirt on the crowded subway, or anywhere else, for that matter. My friend also said that some boys in school sometimes try to sneak a peak by leaning over with a small mirror in hand when their teacher (when wearing a short skirt) walks past (he said that when he was younger it was a fairly common practice).

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