Monday, June 30, 2014


A Jebena is the traditional Ethiopian clay coffee pot.  It is also the name of an Ethiopian coffee shop in Hyehwa, Seoul.

The entrance on the 5th floor.
Displays along the entryway.

The interior is all Ethiopian.  It is a bit of a museum.  

Traditional Ethiopian stringed instrument.
Solid wood chest.  They keep some of the tools for the coffee in there. 

You can order the usual coffee drinks or experience a traditional coffee ceremony with the full three rounds.  
Very cool wooden table.
Very cool wooden stool.
Chairs?  They use them for people to put their bags on at the tables, if needed.
Looking towards the entrance.
The interior.

Another view.
Roasting the coffee beans.
Close up.
They're ready.

They ground the beans at the counter.
It's brewing.
Add sugar and stir.
A perfect little cup of coffee. 
Frankincense incense.

It is definitely worth seeing if you haven't before. 
Mmmm.  Coffee.
Chatting with the owner.

Will definitely go again.
To get there go out exit 1, Hyehwa station.  About 50 m or so it'll be on your right.  It is on the 5th floor of the City Valley Building, above Bennigan's.

Sunday, March 09, 2014


These guys are across from the art museum behind Deoksugung, a palace across from Seoul's City Hall.  They amuse me.
An interesting illusion.
This plaque sits next to them, telling about the little vertically challenged family.

Four Legs

Early last week the sun was shining and the air was warm.  Walking down the hill from work on my way to the subway train I rescued a pretty little butterfly from the road.
 "Spring!"  I thought.  It was an odd little butterfly.  I noticed it had a good grip on my finger.  Then I noticed it was gripping with only four legs.  I looked and sure enough that was all it had.  Not even stubs or scars where the other two legs should have been.  Odd.  A mutant butterfly.  
Maybe it's from all of the acid snow and pollution? It didn't form properly in its cocoon over the winter.
I walked a ways down with it clinging to my finger then put it into a small patch of plants off the road.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I already miss autumn in Korea.  It came and was gone as quickly as it came, with winter jumping right in to take over.
A much slowed down cave cricket looking for some warmth.
I absolutely love the persimmon trees in the fall.  Seeing them makes me happy.  :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween treat bag.

This is my example for Halloween treat bags that I will make with my first grade class.  I figured since we will make pumpkin lanterns later it would be good to have them decorate their bags with something else, like a cute ghost.  :)

It's very simple: a paper lunch bag, white and black construction paper, crayons, and glue. 

I got the idea for the face from a craft I did with kindergarten students a couple of years ago.  

The site that I originally got that craft from, I cannot find.  I did find the same one here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cafe Bene

After work today I went with a friend to Cafe Bene near Sungshin University subway station to chat while she killed time before making an appointment.  
It's not a bad coffee shop but they don't have low fat or mom fat milk and they don't have as many options as some of the other chain coffee shops.  And, they aren't really any cheaper, either.  I do really like the painted wall at the one end.  
Their outside balcony is a nice size but its on a really busy street right in front of a very noisy bus stop complete with wafts of exhaust from the multitude of buses and cars.


I love the Seoul skyline at night.  This is from a friend's rooftop in Gyunglidan in Yongsan.My apartment is just this side of the church thats poking up 
just right of center in the skyline.
I love living so close to Namsan.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Kettle bell yoga?

I'm curious as to what exactly hard style kettle bell yoga would be.  And full tension deep relaxation?  
Aren't both of these things kind of contradictory?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mini Salamander

Tiny salamander. There isn't much info out there in English on the kinds of salamanders in Korea. A site I found said that Korean salamanders take up to one or two years to mature to the point that they lose their external gills and leave the water. Ones in the exotic pet shops here that I have seen are much bigger and still have their feathery gills. This one has already lost them and has sort of molted a layer. Interesting. It now looks a bit different in both color and shape- it is darker and the head seems much more angular than before.