Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Amelie is a cozy cafe a short walk from my home.Cafe Mocha with whipPascal (smooth chocolate mousse with raspberry and chocolate topping)
SO good.Cafe Mocha without whip

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Journal Writing - topic - Teachers

Here is what some of my other kids had to say (all grade 1 / 7 years old (now Korean age 9))
I have got a lot of different teachers. Three of my teachers are Miss Laura, Miss Kim, and Mr. Cookey. Miss Laura is my English teacher. She is a very patient and angry teacher and we don't have break time. ...

I have a lot of different teachers. Laura and Aron. Laura is kind and patient. Sometimes she looks stern, but not too often! When we have time at the end we go to the Gym, draw, read or do homework. Sometimes we are interested in her pictures of her pets. I like Aron teacher, too. He is funny often. When he comes to our classroom to talk to Laura, we will shout "The farmer!" And he will do a funny farmer dance before he goes out of the classroom. I'm glad I have two best teachers.

I have three best teachers. They are Laura, Cookey, and Abby.
Laura teacher is a very kind teacher. She knows about lots of countries; even Korea. I am lucky to have her as the present teacher. She is a girl. She remembers things well.
I think Laura is the best because if teachers do funny things, it's a little bit bad thing. Laura teacher remembers things and teaches seriously, so I think she's the best of teachers!

I want to tell about Laura teacher. My teacher is Laura. She is very kind. She tells us all of the subjects. She gives us a lot of play time. If we have time left, we see a movie or play at the gym. I love her very much.

My Teacher "Laura"

One of my (grade 1 / 7 years old) students' journal entries (they were to write about teachers)
My teacher "Laura."
Laura teacher is very nice. She is pretty too. She is good at learning students! She is very patient teacher and she is excellent at explaining things to us. I like Laura teacher! Today, she was more prettier than everyday. She is always pretty. I like to study with Laura teacher. Today, she give us a Jelly Worm. She give two (2) of them. I love that. She is very nice. Because she share things with other people. I want to study with Laura teacher everyday! We do not go Sunday and Saterday. :(
New Year blessing many get.

descriptive writing

Assignment: write a descriptive paragraph.
My Teacher
She smells good and delicious. She looks pretty, her hair is yellow-light and her face is like a model. She talks clearly. She doesn't taste like anything but she feels smooth.
(grade 1 / 7 year old student)

Monday, January 28, 2008


snacks and such in Cambodia. yum yum!Morning Glory (used in cooking)crabssugar cane (peeled, cut up into small pieces and sold out by the scoop from street vendors)misc. fruits, vegetables and suchmisc. kabobssnakesfruitpomelo (SO good!!!) they are HUGE!!!!!! They grow up to 30 cm in diameter and up to 10 kg!!! The peel is very thick. The inside part itself was bigger than a standard large grapefruit! They cut off the peel like that before selling. You just finish peeling, then peel each section. The juicy pockets can be picked off the sections in bunches or one at a time.bamboo rice (not as good as the ones along the roads near Siem Reap)tasty treats?giant cricketsHUGE cockroachesfrogsbaby birds and cricketsgiant water beetles

Did I try any of these things? Well, the vegetables, fruit, and rice, yes. The other stuff? Sorry to disappoint, but no. I think if I was there with friends I probably would have, but I wasn't brave enough to try them alone.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

building a canal across Korea?

This doesn't seem like a very good idea to me. Knowing how small Korea really is, I don't think it would really save all that much time in terms of transport. It would just be a very time consuming and expensive project that will destroy much of Korea's countryside, most of which is mountains.
Canal plan divides Korea
By John Sudworth BBC News, Seoul
"South Korea's incoming President Lee Myung-bak intends to build a canal stretching the length of the country - he believes it will be an engineering marvel, others say it is lunacy."

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One man's trash is another man's treasure

What an excellent idea!

Edmonton centre proves one's trash is another's treasure
Last Updated: Monday, January 14, 2008 12:52 PM ET CBC News
A warehouse in downtown Edmonton that connects people dropping off unwanted items and others picking up recycled treasures has in six months diverted 26 tonnes of waste from the city's landfill.
The Edmonton Reuse Centre, which is run by the city at 100th Street and 103A Avenue, was started last summer to encourage people to reuse items and redirect waste from landfills.
More than 5,000 people have taken advantage of the centre in six months, said Amy Baxter, the facility's co-ordinator.
Coffee cans, trophies, yarn, floor tiles and tennis balls may seem like junk to some people but teachers, arts groups and bargain hunters are snapping up the treasures.
"I think one of the things that surprised me was that we take the egg cartons and when I first started we had hundreds and hundreds of egg cartons. We were a little concerned about them going out again. But now we can't keep them in," said Martha-Jean Clarke, who helps sort donations at the centre.
It is free for people to drop off items, while customers are charged a flat rate of $2 for a load or an annual fee of $20 for unlimited loads. There are no restrictions on the size of each load.
The centre does not accept furniture, clothing or appliances and works with other agencies and charities to ensure it is not taking items that could be used by them.
Supplies for arts and crafts most popular
Erin Tempest, an art student at the University of Alberta, was shopping at the centre for the first time, looking for items for her art projects.
"Some dried flowers, some cellophane, a paisley tie," she said, sharing what she had in her basket. "Stuff with cool textures is what I'm looking for or is what is appealing to me anyway."
In the next aisle, Veronique Drouin pushed her shopping cart carefully up and down the narrow aisles, scanning the overflowing bins.
The great grandmother shops at the centre two or three times a week, looking for embroidery and fabric.
Centre eyes expansion next year
Unloading a van full of Christmas wrapping and odds and ends, it was Elaine Hunter's sixth stop at the centre before her move to Vancouver.
"I'm cleaning out the basement. After 40 years of a big house, we're downsizing," she said. "I've had people taking things out of my car. I don't even get them in [the centre]."
Business is so brisk that the centre will be looking for a bigger home once the lease expires on its current location next year.
"We think it's just going to keep on getting busier and busier," said Baxter.
"We do lots of regulars but we also have lots of people who here finding this a whole new thing that they can do, so I think that's a huge thing that we're going to get bigger and better."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

China might move in on North Korea!??

This doesn't sound so good, but I suppose it kinda sounds like something the US has in its plans for North Korea and other such countries on their list.

China 'plans to send troops into North Korea'
By Richard Spencer in Beijing Last Updated: 2:10am GMT 10/01/2008
China is planning to send troops into North Korea to restore order and secure its nuclear arsenal in the event of the regime’s collapse.
According to a new report, Beijing would send in the People’s Liberation Army if it felt threatened by a rapid breakdown in Kim Jong-il’s rule over the country.
China would seek to win the backing of the United Nations first, but would be prepared to act unilaterally if necessary.
“If the international community did not react in a timely manner as the internal order in North Korea deteriorated rapidly, China would seek to take the initiative in restoring stability,” said the report by two Washington think-tanks.
Based on extensive interviews conducted in China, including with PLA academics, the report’s findings back up previous indications of China’s major change in attitude to Kim Jong-il after the North Korean nuclear test of October 2006, and also demonstrate its willingness to assert itself in international affairs.
Separately, Beijing today announced its ambitions in space for the coming year, including the launch of 15 rockets and 17 satellites as well as its first space walk.
According to PLA academics quoted by the report, which was written by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies and the US Institute of Peace, the army has three “missions” in a failing North Korea.
One would be humanitarian — to deal with refugees or the consequences of natural disaster.
The second is peacekeeping and maintaining order, and the third requires it to deal with contamination from a military strike on North Korea’s nuclear facilities, and to secure nuclear weapons and materials to prevent them getting into the “wrong hands”.
The report said that there were disagreements among its sources as to whether China still wished to preserve its “special relationship” with North Korea, the only country with which it has a formal, mutual defence alliance.
But they agreed that Beijing would neither intervene to replace Kim Jong-il, nor to prevent him being replaced by others.
The Chinese government’s prime concern was stability, though there was thought to be no immediate danger of a breakdown.
China’s foreign ministry spokesman said she had “no knowledge” of the plan, but did not deny its existence.
Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Beijing’s People’s University, said the plan might have been drawn up when the North Korean regime was under greater pressure than now.
It was still unclear how it would react in future, though. “China, as with other powers, is a little confused about this,” he said.