Thursday, November 30, 2006

a leaf

I'm not sure exactly what kind of trees they are, but they are everywhere, and many of the leaves are HUGE!!! Sorry... I didn't have anything handy to place to compare it to... but the bricks are full sized bricks, to give you some idea. And that isn't even close to being the biggest I've seen. The little yellow leaf just to the left is a Gingko leaf.


These are the suns said...
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These are the suns said...

Sycamore trees, they're everywhere. It's sort of ironic because I left the town I grew up in which had streets lined with these and found them again here on the other side of the world, with their familiar sweet and sappy smell. One time I reached up to grab a dead looking one off a tree by the side of the road just so I could give it a good whiff, and found that my hand was covered in black soot, and so was the tip of my nose. ;)