Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dosan Park - Fall

I went for a walk in Dosan park after work on November 21st. Here are some of the pics I took.Only the day before, the leaves were still on the trees, but due to a couple of VERY windy days, all of a sudden the leaves were gone.You can sure tell where the Gingko trees are by the yellow circle of leaves under them.I love the trees here. My favorite is the Gingko tree. The leaves are so different, and they turn a bright yellow in the fall. Some of the trees have gigantic leaves and bark that looks like camouflage. We don't have them back home.There are other trees with big leaves, too. I'm not sure what they are, either.For some reason, no Korean I've asked knows what any of the trees are. You can see my school through the trees at this corner of the park. My desk overlooks the park from the 3rd floor.I love parks. :)


I'm getting excited. I'm planning my trip to the Middle East. I've got my tickets booked, and will pay for them this week. I've figured out which countries I will go to and just have to figure out how much time to spend in each, how much money I might need, and of course, what I have to do for VISAs. I'll have 9 weeks there. Very exciting.
I will fly into Dubai to start off my trip. From there I will go to Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and then Egypt before flying to Dubai to catch my return flight.