Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

more randoms in Apgujeong

A random building with a board game cafe on the 2nd floor.I forget what kind of shop this was. Cars were coming so I had to move (there aren't sidewalks on the side streets).Not sure what this place is on the 2nd floor of this building. The drawings are backwards, so they're obviously meant to be seen from inside. The one with the guitar says things about dance and music: 'Dance Sports', 'Jazz' and 'Rock Music'. The one with the bottle says stuff about 'Tomato and (Sp?) Salad', 'Rhbarb Wine' and 'About a Soju'.The Barbie store opened a couple of years ago. It advertises cosmetics and shoes (not for kids). Went inside to see what it was all about. All I saw were some cute shoes and some very strange shoes. Not many shoes and no cosmetics. I wonder if they actually make any money.In front of Zoo Coffee.

Moroccan ? restaurant

There is a little restaurant in Apgujeong called Rabat. The writing on the outside is only in Korean. The decor inside is very cool with each table being in a little tent-like area, some with bench seating, some floor seating. The food isn't very Moroccan but the decor sort of is. We tried a 'couple' meal. Salad, pasta, pizza and wine. The salad was fantastic and perfect for our hungry stomachs. The pasta great. The pizza was a bit too much. It tasted good but the bread was a bit on the sweet side and I could only handle a couple of pieces. I think if the pizza bread weren't so sweet I would have really liked it.

Saturday, October 09, 2010


This is how you eat galbi, or barbecued meat. It is cooked on a little grill in the middle of the table and cut up with scissors (you cook it yourself, obviously). You take a nice piece of lettuce, add rice, meat (dipped in a salt/sesame oil mixture or other type of sauce) and what ever else you like (onion, garlic, kimchi, etc), hen wrap it all up and pop it into your mouth. It's a bit of a mouthful, but definitely delicious.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

randoms in Apgujeong

Walking from the Coffee Bean where I sometimes meet a friend (which is very close to being across the street from the Coffee Bean near my work) to Apgujeong there are so many interesting things and buildings to see. I'll try to take some more pictures another time.The wall around Samwon Garden, the biggest and most famous (first class) galbi restaurant in Seoul.A new bar/cafe in Apgujeong: Che (since 2010).

Gyeongju part 1

For summer vacation I decided I should try to see more of Korea while I'm still here. After the mud festival we headed down to Gyeongju. Gyeongju was capital of Korea, during the Silla Kingdom in the 7th to 9th centuries. Though a lot has been destroyed, there is still much to see. The most prominent being the tombs that are scattered within and around the city. Some are small, but some are quite large. According to a poster near the tombs, Tumuli numbers 90-114, and 151-155 (numbered during Japanese occupation) are earthen mounds. Larger ones have wooden chambers covered in stone and then earth while smaller tombs don't have mounds. One of the tombs that has been excavated, the Cheonmachong, (Heavenly Horse Tomb, named after ) is open to the public. The parks containing the tombs are quite large. Near the tombs there is a small forest. Inside used to be Banwolseong (Castle of the Crescent Moon). The only thing left is the Seokbinggo (a stone ice house) which has been rebuilt. Nearby is Cheomseongdae, which is the oldest astrological observatory in East Asia. Across from the main road we went to Anapji pond. It was made in 674 by King Munmu. The buildings burnt down in 935. The pond and 3 of the buildings were repaired and rebuilt in 1975 and many relics were found buried in the pond. From there we headed over to the Gyeongju National Museum. I love museums. I hated studying modern history in high school but I do love ancient and archaeological history.I think I started to make Zak crazy as every time I saw lotus flower pondseverywhere (lotus crops?) I would have to stop to take pictures. ESPECIALLY when a crane (the national animal of Korea) landed in one.Once back in the downtown area it was already well past lunch time and we were starving. We found an excessively cute (just my style) sandwich shop just off the main shopping street. It wasn't too expensive and the food and drinks were great. :) Definitely a possibility for another lunch. For dinner we found a nice little (sort of) Italian restaurant (also excessively cutesy) near the main shopping street near our hotel. Not too bad. The food was good but the house wine was one that I would probably use in cooking rather than drinking if I ever opened it at home.

Thursday, September 02, 2010


I so wish I had my camera right now. I am feeling so lost without a working camera. Especially when things like this happen.
Last night we were visited by Typhoon Kompasu. I've been in Korea for a long time but have never felt a typhoon quite like this. Being in a little rooftop house is a bit of a different experience from living in a sheltered little studio suite. The windows were shaking and rattling all night and something was making a very loud groaning noise. Then the little storage room door flew open and started banging (only held closed by a little brick leaning against it). Then the bookshelf type shelves I had outside were ripped apart and the shelves were flying around bouncing off the railings. The chair outside is on wheels and was rolling around. Crash. Bang. Groan. Rattle. Someone must have come up at one point because when I went out to pick up the pieces of shelf to stop them they were already gone. To where, I'm not sure. And the chair was on its side. I knew someone had been up there because there were two more bricks holding the little storage room door. More banging and crashing. A window somewhere breaking (the home right across). And THEN a bigger noise. Opened the door to go out to see what had happened and couldn't open the door. Part of the roof was blocking the door. Half of the front room roof top had come off and some of the tile had come crashing down. The landlord's daughter-in-law was then up with another woman trying to tie thick ribbon-like string to hold the rest of the roof down. Oh. The 3 large kimchi pot lids are gone. As is the large mirror that was out there. Hmmm. Don't see any little pieces of mirror anywhere but did hear something that sounded like it broke.
Schools were postponed two hours so I finally got to try to go to sleep for a little bit once the wind slowly started to die down.
I'm tired.

Saturday, August 07, 2010


One night, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt something tickling my chest. I put my hand on my chest and then jumped up with a bit of an 'eek'. In the process I killed what had tickled me. After that, I couldn't get back to sleep as I kept imagining more as soon as I closed my eyes. Needless to say, the next day I bought a gift of a bunch of raid baits for them. THIS is the (not so little) little bugger that fell out of my shirt when I jumped.
Nice cockroach, eh?


Once again I went to the Boryeong Mud Festival. What could be more fun than lots of mud to play with, a nice sea to wash off in and a beautiful beach to relax on?! We played in mud during the day. Mud gets EVERYWHERE! Sometimes you even find more mud in your ears a week later! The stores (HERE's an example at the Family Mart that is next to the festival ground) and restaurants around are used to the couple of weeks of mud and don't mind being filled with drippy and muddy people. The money is all soggy and dirty but no one seems to mind.Then in the evening sat and enjoyed some drinks as well as the festival music. The last night of the festival there was a special rock concert: Kim KyungHo band, who I've known of since I first came to Korea. I've had one of his songs in my Ipod since I got it. After the concert they had the festival closing fireworks. Beautiful. Then we sat on the beach and enjoyed the rest of the evening. The lights shining on the beach are bluish. I love it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

random signs

Some random signs near Sinchon. A live music bar called Be Full. A billiards club called Cock's Blue? Under a little pay by the hour room hotel called Barbie House?And then there's Sexy Bar (or Sexy Ba if you refer to the vertical sign).


Cool cloud line taken from behind Yongsan Station, Seoul.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

a wig from the brest bakery?

I bought a lovely red wig at a little street vendor in Myungdong a while back to wear when ever another wig party happens. This is the bag that the guy put my wig in. Reusing bags, I see. Interesting bakery name. "BREST BAKERY"?? The Korean says "Beureiseuteu kwaja jeom" Basically breast snack (kwaja) shop.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Back on...

I've been so busy the past couple of months I've neglected a lot of things. I'll be back on track soon. Just getting some things figured out and organized. Getting some posts updated is on my list of to do things for this weekend. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Friday was field trip day at my kindy. We went to a strawberry farm.It took more than an hour to get there. Apparently there was an accident between a small bus and a car on the way but I didn't see it. Turns out that the accident was one of the buses from another branch. The front was smashed in and the car was very damaged. The bus driver was a little bit hurt but is okay. The kids are all okay (they all wear seatbelts), but were quite shaken up.Once at the farm we went into a large building full of picnic tables to wait for the little tour.Along one wall was a long table of strawberry, lettuce and other plants grown by hydroponics.The kids got a little antsy, of course, but were quite well behaved. The tour began with a little introduction. I can't tell you what was said since it was all in Korean. After the introduction we went into one of the very long greenhouses.It was a bit of a pick and eat tour. Yum! Fresh strawberries! They were so sweet and juicy.[Another picture here]
Some of the kids ended up covered in strawberry from head to toe. Too funny. Then it was back to the other building where the kids got to take turns mashing strawberries to make jam.After they each got their turn, it was lunch time. The kids all brought lunches and the school provided the teachers' lunches - kimbap. It would have been okay but it was fancy kimbap with sesame leaves in them and half of them had fish or fish eggs or little dried shrimp in them. Yuck! I had plenty to eat, though, as the kids had lots off great food to mooch. :D I even got a fruit by the foot!! (Can't easily get things like that here.)After lunch the kids had play time with bubbles and balls to kick around in a little yard. There were a few Jindo puppies in a cage to the side. I went over and ended up getting a lot of the kids interested in having their hands licked. At one point the adult Jindo at the other end of the yard ended up with one of the balls. It's the dog's ball now. A few puncture holes rendered it quite useless. There was a snack of bread with fresh warm strawberry jam. It was so delicious! The kids each got to take home one jar of freshly made jam and I will get a couple that I ordered on Monday. The teachers all got to take a container of strawberries for free. :) Then it was time to head back to Seoul where the parents would pick the kids up at pre-chosen spots. I got to go home a little early. What a great way to end a nice field trip day.