Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ahhhhhhhhh! My eye!!!

In my 5:00 class, we started out talking about traveling. I got out the globe and they were trying to find different countries. Paul then started obsessing about polar bears. He thought they were only in Russia. I said there were polar bears in Canada. He got all excited and asked if I had seen any. I said I had only seen polar bears in the zoo, but I had seen other bears. I took out my little photo album to show them some of my pictures (I have pictures of some bears at a garbage dump in Northern Mantoba).
Paul is, well, a big baby at times. He is the biggest student in the academy. He is, well, BIG. He is, I think, in grade 6. He is almost my height, but well, BIG. And he is also the biggest whiner. And he is VERY hyper; ALL THE TIME.
Anyway... the students were standing around me looking at my pictures, and Paul got excited about one of the pictures (I have no idea which one now) and up swung his arm and AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! MY EYE!!!!
The students all saw it happen so knew he accidentally hit me in the eye. I had to run (almost stumble, as I had my eyes mostly shut) out of the room and out of the hagwon to the bathroom down the hall. Tears were running down my face and I couldn't see anything. I could barely open my other eye, let alone the one that was hit. My boss saw me run past her desk, and I think the students said something to her about it, so she showed up a moment later. I wouldn't normally cry from getting hit... but when you are hit in the eye, you have no choice. My boss ran to get me some tissues. I had to stand there a few minutes until I could actually open my left eye to see what I was doing. Of course, I still had to finish teaching the classes. Only, I had to do it with one eye shut... and my face all red. After several minutes, I could open my right eye (not all the way, though), but it still hurts like hell, and there is a fuzzy spot.
Paul felt sooooooooooooooo bad the rest of the class. He was more like the rest of the students... NOT hyper.
It'll be better tomorrow, I'm sure. I'll put some drops in it before I go to sleep tonight.
At least it isn't as bad as the paper cut I had on my cornea many years ago. THAT hurt like a ...

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Cairogal said...

Reading that makes my eyes water!