Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The other day there was a highway going between the ceiling and the floor in my kitchen. They were all over inside my cupboards... where my clean dishes are... where there is NO FOOD!!! They were crawling up my water cooler... where there is NO FOOD!!! Are these ants stupid or something? I'm not sure which direction they were going... up or down. They are in the walls. They are in the ceiling. They are in the floor. ARGH!!!
So, anyway, I sprayed all over the kitchen, over and under the cupboards (I didn't want to spray all of my dishes in the cupboards). There were a few stragglers in the cupboards the next morning, but they too were gone by the end of the day.
Then today when I came home, I walked into my living room to find a highway going across the middle of the floor, between the dresser [where I keep miscellaneous stuff for Tokki (newspapers to line her cage, wood shavings, sealed bags of rabbit food (the ants were NOT on the rabbit food) and for my computer (cables, travel case, etc)] and my clothes rack, where I hang CLEAN CLOTHES... where there is NO FOOD!!! They were going up the clothes rack, they were in the bottom drawer, and they were swarming all over (an IN) the big CD case that I had sitting on the floor leaning against the dresser. WHY??? I spent a long time sitting there squishing every little ant I could find. I killed hundreds of them. No exaggerating!!! I have the crawlies now. I'll spray the room before I go to bed. I'll have to move Tokki out into the hall. I'm glad they weren't going around her cage. I would have sprayed right away, but my TV (not so important, or much used), my computer (which I use ALL THE TIME), and Tokki were in here. I spend a lot of time in this room when I am home. I'm pretty tempted to bomb the whole place (a 'bug bomb' that smokes the entire home), but that leaves everything smelling bad for days/weeks. The last (and only) time that I used one was my last time in Korea, in a one room home. I set it off in the morning and didn't return until fairly late that evening. I had trouble breathing in there. I had the door and windows open, the fan and air conditioner going to circulate and in an attempt to bring in fresh air. I didn't sleep much that night and ended up going out for short walks to get fresh air. It wouldn't be as bad in this place, as it is several rooms. I'll have to make sure the windows are open. If/when I do the bomb, I'll have to move Tokki out to the balcony area. I'll try spraying the whole place first, though. What a hassle.
Winter is here. The bugs are supposed to be gone!! Why aren't they? For some reason, I have seen more mosquitos in the past couple of weeks than I did all summer!!!! And the ants just won't go away!!!
Did I mention I HATE ANTS!!!???

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