Monday, June 19, 2006

Seoul World Cup Stadium

I watched the Korea/France World Cup match at the Seoul World Cup Stadium (Seongsan). We arrived there at 10pm on Sunday, when it became free to enter (before then, you had to have tickets). I went with 8 of my friends (all co-workers at the kindy school). One of them, Kelly, is the other English teacher at the after kindy hagwon. The others speak little or no English. Of course, we were all dressed up for the occasion: red shirts, devil's horns, bandannas, and what ever else we could put together (red earrings, hair bands, etc).
Being that the Korea game wasn't until 4am, we had plenty of time to waste. They showed two matches before our game started: Brazil vs Australia, and Japan vs Croatia. The entertainment between matches, and during half times, was interesting. They had several famous Korean singers performing, each only about 5 minutes. People were still pouring into the stadium right up to 4am when the match started. The place was packed full.
Well... it was a 1:1 draw between Korea and France. Now I am VERY tired, but have to go to work. Yay for me. That's okay. It was worth it.

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