Friday, June 23, 2006

Be The Reds... today at kindy

Some of the Squirrel Class (Korean 6 year olds): My first class this morning was FULL of red. (This isn't all of them.) I think only 2 students in the class were not wearing red.Navigating the hallways between the classes and during my lunch break is often a bit of a chore... with numerous students clinging to my legs or my clothes, or just crowding around me. Some of the Korean teachers say it is as if I am somebody famous.Taking photos is not always easy, when students are continuously trying to get into the photo. It is almost impossible to take a photo of just one student, as other students try to jump in or stick their hands or things infront of the camera. Or, there are still kids attached to my legs and clothes, so it is difficult to have a steady hand. Today I actually had to pick up some of the kids in one arm, and take the photo with the other in order to actually get a picture. But then other students were still pushing or pulling or trying to grab my arm. This is one of the students from the Roe Deer class (Korean 5 year olds). She is sooooooooooo cute!!! (and tiny)

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Great picture you have Agreat heart like amother