Friday, June 09, 2006

kids and their teeth

One thing that I have always noticed in Korea is how bad many of the kids' teeth are. They range from spaced out, to black, to completely metal mouths (fillings). The kids are all so cute... but their teeth leave something to be desired. Once they loose their baby teeth and their adult teeth grow in, for the most part, all is well. I have heard that the problem stems from the fact that Korean women don't drink enough milk, or get enough calcium when they are pregnant, resulting in very weak baby teeth. It could also just be due to the huge amounts of sugar that the kids are ingesting. Everything for kids here is super sweet. They eat a lot of junk food and sweets. They are constantly eating candy and ice-cream and super sweet yogurt drinks. As a rule, the kids have to brush their teeth after lunch at the kindy school, but by they time the start going, their teeth are already shot. It is kinda sad, actually.

This is Andy, a student at LCC. Cute kid, but a troublemaker!!!

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