Sunday, June 25, 2006

Korea's last game in the 2006 FIFA World Cup

Well, Korea lost to Switzerland. One of the goals, however, was questionable. The Korean team stopped after seeing an offside call made by the linesman, but not aknowledged by the Ref. During the confusion, the Swiss team got their first goal. Terrible.
This was what I missed, due to a pounding headache, Friday night. I think half of my friends made it into the Seoul World Cup Stadium, as they went earlier. Then the gates were closed due to too many people. So, the rest of the group went downtown.
Chosun Ilbo:
Soccer fans gather to watch a live TV broadcast of the 2006 World Cup Group G soccer match between Korea and Switzerland on a giant video screen installed at Gwanghwamun, downtown Seoul, on Saturday. /Yonhap

BBC News (UK):

A sea of red gathers to watch the match on a giant video screen outside Seoul City Hall in South Korea.

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