Thursday, June 08, 2006

Happy Birthday to me...

Well, another birthday has come and gone. It kinda sucks that it was during the week, as most of my friends work and live too far away to have done anything. The kindy school had a cake for me, which I had with some of the teachers after I finished teaching at LCC. Then I watched them make practice runs through a lesson that they will all be giving later this month in front of all of the parents. When that finally finished, some of the teachers and I went out for some shyabu shyabu. I guess it is actually a Mongolian food (that is what they were telling me). I have heard several different ideas of where it originated, though. After we all had our fill (it really is filling), 3 of us went to a noraebang for some singing fun. The others all had to head home for one reason or another (married, kids, parents, etc). Anyway, it was a fun evening.

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