Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Queen's Birthday Ball

Last night I went with 9 of my friends to the Queen's Birthday Ball, held in the ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. It was an amazing night. I am so glad that I went.
The entrance to the ballroom:
... yes, that is real grass on the floor!!!

Not only was there grass on the floor at the entry to the ballroom, there was also sod on the tables... in the centre piece and on a plate at each setting. (Not for eating!)
We had table #1!!! The good thing about table 1 was that we were right near the corner, in front of the sculpture garden, so there were no tables behind us. Me and the giraffe:

We didn't win any of the raffle prizes or the spot prizes, but we did win the table quiz contest. We tied with one other table, and so they had someone choose random numbers and we won... we each got a bottle of champagne. Yay. There were also gifts for attending, make-up for the ladies (Chanel) and alcohol for the guys (Ballantines).

The entertainment for the night was THE LIGHTYEARS, an awesome band from England. If you are interested, a couple of their songs can be downloaded from their site.

They were great! Very talented musicians. And of course they are all hot as well. Watching them on stage, other than the great music, the first thing I noticed was a certain set of eyes. ;) Too bad photos can't really capture things like the glow of a person's eyes. ANYway... we were all quite impressed with the band.

We got to talking to them after they finished playing. I think they were quite happy to meet some people to hang out with, to show them another part of the city. It was their first time outside of Europe. The ambassador flew them to Seoul for the Ball. We all went to Itaewon to one of the clubs there for some drinks. Then it was off to a Noraebang (Korean karaoke). Yes, they had been singing all evening, but they were up for some more... a different kind of singing. Less pressure, more just plain fun. And, of course, our champagne helped!!!

John (sometimes plays with the band... bass guitar), me, Chris (piano and vocals) and George (guitar and vocals). The drummer, Tony, decided not to join us and he went back to their hotel for the night. John and George are brothers. They are all really cool guys to hang with. We all had a lot of fun. I think we wore them out, though. We left the Noraebang at around 8:30am, I think!!! 4 hours of Noraebang?

More pics of the evening.

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