Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another Saturday night in Seoul

I went to a stagette party Saturday night for Sybil (the only one not wearing a black/dark shirt). I had never met her before, but she is a friend of a friend. Due to rain, some of us were thinking of not going out, but in the end decided what the heck, and we all went.
The evening started out at an English pub in Hongdae called The Queen's Head. It took us a bit to find it as it was raining and we had no idea where we were going. We did make it, though. At the Queen's Head, we had wine and food (the menu was limited, but the food was good). Then we headed to a little bar called Liquid where we sat in a corner area on little cushions around a table. We had Sangria and a cranberry cocktail. Both yummy. The waiter wasn't so bad, either!! (Sorry, no pics.)
After we had our fill of Liquid, we headed for another place to haunt. We tried to go to a place called the "Wee Bar" but found that it was no longer there. So, we went to Club PG where it was 10000won for all you can drink. As it was still early in the evening (10ish) the place was completely empty. Not a problem. More space for us to dance. :)
The problem with the place is that it is in the basement and is not well ventillated, so it got very stuffy and hot. Also, the music was a bit louder than necessary, and left all of our ears ringing.
When we all finally decided we needed some fresh air, we headed for BricxX. BricxX in Hongdae is similar but much larger than the BricX in Itaewon. BricxX is all atmosphere and all about comfort.We had shots, Cosmopolitan martinis and an apple sheesha for us all to share (you each get a little plastic mouthpiece for it). Being the women that we are, and that it was a stagette party, we were on a mission to have as many guys as possible, remove their shirts. We started with our young Korean waiter. We picked on both of the waiters and the Moroccan chef, but concentrated our energies on the younger one. He was so shy and embarrassed about it, but you could tell he was loving it. They all were. We managed to get a few buttons undone. :P He very quickly fixed it, though, and the tie went back on.Then 3 guys (2 Irish and 1 Australian) wandered over to our table, probably jealous of all of the attention that the Koreans were getting. They obviously wanted in on the action. With very little coaxing (and an offer of a beer each), their shirts came off. They knew what they were getting into when they showed up at our table.
When the sheesha was finished and our drinks were empty, we decided we needed some more dancing. We tried to go back to Club PC, since we had the wrist bands to get in, but it was already closed. So, we went to The Bar in Shinchon. The Bar is a little bar in the basement of a building. It is a very popular little place. Some of my other friends were there, as well. We got more guys to remove their shirts with no coaxing at all. What's the big deal. They're men. Who cares if a guy takes his shirt off.Once again, it was daylight when we finally decided to call it a night. I got home around 9am. So much for getting anything done on Sunday.
More photos of the evening.

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