Thursday, June 08, 2006

school bus

Wooil kindy school has several school buses. Here you can see the "Pooh bus", the "Mickey bus", and the "Donald bus". There is also a "Goofy bus". The drivers all carry the nickname of the bus they drive (although I'm not sure they know that). They somehow each resemble their character. It is kinda funny actually, if you actually meet them, or see them. A bit difficult to explain though. I suppose it's kind of like an inside joke. You have to be there.
The buses run for the kindy kids as well as the LCC and Taekwondo and all of the other students taking what ever else is offered (piano, swimming, ballet, etc.???) The drivers also double as swimming and Taekwondo instructors, or maintenance men or what ever other position is needed.

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