Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dae Han Min Guk

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006
Korea played Togo on the 13th and won, 2 to 1. They will be playing again, against France, on the 18th at 9pm Germany time, which means on the 19th AT 4AM KOREAN TIME!!!! You can pretty much guarantee the entire country will be VERY tired on Monday!! I will be doing an all nighter with some of the other teachers from the kindy school. We will go downtown Seoul to watch the game on big screens that will be set up. The plan is to meet at 10pm on Sunday to head in, but I am hearing that we might be going in as early as 6pm, because of the crowds that are expected. For the game against Togo, every stadium was full of Koreans all wearing red, watching the game on big screens. I think all of the parks in Korea were also full of red, with big screens set up to watch the game.
In Korea, it is as if the World Cup 2002 is happening all over again. They have the same attitude now, as they did when the games were held here. Everyone is dressed up in their red T-shirts and their devil horns and anything else related the the Red Devils. The Red Devils are all of the fans of Korea's team.
Summer 2002 was an amazing time to be in Korea.

(my dad's creation, 2002)

(Cindy and I during the 2002 World Cup in Korea)

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