Friday, March 16, 2007

my new home

the wall:This might give you an idea of what I meant in terms of the wall going in and out. The part sticking out on the left, I am pretty sure is the drains from the floor above. The bit in the middle (the opposite wall has the same thing) sticks out about 25 cm. It makes fitting things in this room a bit annoying, especially since it is such a small place to begin kitchen:I do like my kitchen. I have more cupboard space and counter space (even though the microwave is on it). My fridge, however, isn't so great. It is a mini fridge. Going from a normal size fridge to a mini fridge is NOT an easy thing to do.
my bathroom:YES!!!! I have a sink and a mirror!!! (There was no mirror, and no sink in the bathroom of my last home, only a faucet coming out of the wall near the floor.)
AND... There is a cabinet in the bathroom, and a toilet paper holder. (The last one only had a corner shelf thingy above the toilet.)
the enclosed balcony:my washing machine that I am slowly figuring out (It is VERY different from all of the others that I have had here).I do like the balcony part.I do find it a bit strange, though, in that I have to climb through a window to get to it.Some of the windows slide open to a little gardenish ledge,and a great view of Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower).

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