Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

I FINALLY got my net and phone line installed. After more than a week of waiting. Now I just have to wait for my closet and book shelf, pots and pans and other such things. I was told to expect them today/this evening sometime (my boss told me before I left work today). Hopefully that won't be postponed yet again. My home is still a mess, as I can't really organize anything without the shelves and closet and such. I need to know how much will fit before I do anything else.

Today was the second day of classes. It went fairly well, I suppose. I am still not yet into the hang of it, as it is very different from the other schools I have worked in.
The schedule isn't very strict. It is basically:
9:00-9:40 welcoming students, getting coats and bags put away, etc.
9:40-10:40 class time with 6 year old Milky Way A class (my homeroom class)
10:40-11:00 snack time (with my homeroom class)
11:00-11:30 class time with 5 year old Moon class (younger 3 year olds)
11:30-12:00 class time with 5 year old Rainbow class (older 3 year olds)
12:00-1:10 lunch time (with my homeroom class)
1:10-2:10 class time with 6 year old Milky Way B class
2:10-2:30 circle time with my class and getting kids organized to leave (getting coats, etc)
We don't have to follow that schedule exactly... It depends on the kids, really. Today I didn't start the Moon class until around 10:10 and then finished the Rainbow class at around 11:45. I basically let Stephanie (a Kyopo: Korean that grew up overseas - she is from New Zealand), the Milky Way B class teacher decide, as I do things the same time as her, only opposite.
I am surprised at how much work it takes to fill an hour of class time with a bunch of 4 year olds (the Korean 6 year olds are Western age 4).
I love my class. They are all so sweet and relatively well behaved. I have 12 now. Almost the entire time I am with my class, my Korean partner (she doesn't speak much English) is there. The Milky Way B class is a bit more problematic. There are a few boys in there that are very obnoxious and overbearing. So far, the Korean teacher that is in that room has not done much to stop such behaviour. If it continues much longer, I will complain about it. It can get a bit stressful trying to deal with things like that without neglecting the other students that actually want to learn and pay attention. Ignoring them is not an option, as they are extremely loud. Both days so far, they were shouting "Panties" instead of every word in the songs we were singing. I asked them if they were babies. That stopped it for a little while, as they didn't like being called babies, but then they got over that and started again.

Today's snack was not milk and cookies or anything like that... it was milk and little dried fish that the kids here seem to love.Yuck.

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