Thursday, March 29, 2007

surgery and chastity belts!!!!

I don't think any comment is necessary. OMG!

"Hymen Fatwa" Causes Waves in Egypt
See? Fatwas Can Be Feminist...
The Egyptian newspaper the Daily Star reports that the Grand Mufti of Egypt has issued a fatwa stating that women who lose their virginity before marriage undergoing reconstructive hymen surgery is "halal" (permissible).
"Islam never differentiates between men and women, so it is not rational for us to think that God has placed a sign to indicate the virginity of women without having a similar sign to indicate the virginity of men," El Gindy said.
"Any man who is concerned about his prospective wife’s hymen should first provide a proof that he himself is virgin," he added.
Some have argued that hymenoplasty can help protect the reputations, and in some cases the lives, of women who have been raped or have had sex outside of marriage, but repented.
...Or Just Plain Medieval
Just a few days before the "Hymen Fatwa" was released in Egypt, Abu Hassan Din Al-Hafiz, a Malaysian Islamic cleric, offered a somewhat different solution. He suggested women wear chastity belts to prevent rape. "We have even come across a number of unusual sex cases, where even senior citizens and children were not spared," said Al-Hafiz. "The best way to avert sex offenders is to wear protection." Needless to say, many Malays were shocked by Al-Hafiz's public statements. Malaysian women stopped wearing chastity belts in the 1960s.
* * *I hope this at least serves as a reminder of the incredible diversity of belief and values within "the Muslim world."
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М€ŝЋМΣŞĦ said...

it is more like chaos than diversity

I didnt hear about this fatwa , maybe because i am more concerned about the constitution .

but hearing this now makes me feel disgusting

laura said...

Sorry! :(
I think the clerics like that cannot be taken seriously. They have some serious problems.