Friday, March 23, 2007

waxing hurts!!

For some reason, though, I keep going back for more. Today was the second time I've gotten the 'Brazilian wax' done (everything). OUCH! Getting waxed here in Korea is an interesting experience. for the most part, Koreans don't do it, so there are only a few places that do it, mostly in more foreign friendly areas. I go to a salon and spa in Itaewon.
Back at home, it is usually done in a comfortable relaxing room and they give you time to prepare. Here, you go into the small room with the two girls (the first time I went there were three of them) that do the waxing, and they stand there waiting for you to take it all off and hop onto the bed/table. They both work at the same time, one on each side. I got my legs and underarms done, as well. Both put on wax and pul off the strips in their own time, so there is no chance to prepare for the expected pain of each strip. A lot of the time, they were talking to each other. I'm not sure what they were saying most of the time, but at one point they said something to do with my skin being like paper (maybe because I am pasty white). For the most part, I just kept my eyes closed and tried to think about other things. The light above was so bright, and paying attention to what was being done didn't help much.
It isn't cheap, either. I'm not sure what it costs back home in Canada, as I usually did it myself and then had my sister do it when she became an esthetician.


Cairogal said...

Ouch is right! It is expensive here for a full Brazilian...around $50-$60. I think I paid more like $7 in the UAE, and even less for "halawa" in Egypt (OUCH-Sweet Jesus, halawa hurts).

laura said...

I've heard that for just the Brazilian it is around $60 here. For the full leg, Brazilian and underarms, it cost me 120000won (almost US$130). I haven't actually seen a price list. I think the girls that do it judge by the time it takes and the amount of wax used.