Monday, March 05, 2007

still waiting...

I have to wait yet another day for everything to be set up... my phone, net, cable... and I am still waiting for my water cooler, closet, bookshelves, etc.
The students started today. I am the 6 year old (Korean age... so for the rest of us, 4 years old) class teacher. There are a total of around 20 6 year olds, split into 2 classes. I have one and Stephanie, a Korean from New Zealand has the other. We do switch for one hour after lunch. My group is great. I have 11 in my room, and they are all fairly well behaved. Stephanie has some very over active boys with attitudes in hers. For one hour during the day, I also teach the 5 year old (actual age 3) classes (half an hour each). They really are babies. A couple of the kids were crying the whole time. One of mine was crying for a little while after arriving in the morning, but got over it fairly quickly. Many of them have never really been away from their moms, so it is not unexpected.
I still want to post some pics from the last school (the graduation, etc) before I post ones of my new school. But I have to have my net set up do to anything.
It was so cold here today. It rained almost all weekend, and today it was snowing. I hate the cold.

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