Tuesday, March 27, 2007

getting sicker

Not only has the infection in my throat gotten worse, but it has also spread to my left ear. So now I have a severe case of tonsillitis, but also an inner ear infection. The gland on the left side of my neck is VERY swollen, and kind of reminds me of the little quail eggs that they eat here. This morning when I woke up, it was even difficult to breathe. It got only slightly better than that during the day, but I've felt dizzy and nauseaus almost all day.
I went back to the doctor and he did the same things as yesterday, and then I got an injection in my 'hip'. He says if it were a recurring problem, it would require surgery, but since it isn't, it is best to just wait for it to heal (unless it continues to worsen).
This is not fun.

One good thing that happened today: I FINALLY got my water cooler. Tomorrow I will find out the number to call to order my water, and then I'll be set with instant hot and cold water. Yay!!!!!

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