Monday, March 26, 2007

sick of being sick!!!

I went to the doctor today to see about my throat.
I've had a sore throat for about a week now. At one point last week, I even lost my voice. On the weekend I felt so sick. My whole body hurt. I went to a birthday party Saturday night but didn't end up staying long. By the end of the weekend the pain in my throat had changed. It felt like it was burning when I tried to swallow anything. This morning I looked down my throat in a mirror and my tonsils were HUGE and red and covered in white. Nasty!
It was an Ear Nose and Throat specialist (Otorhinolaryngologist) that I went to. When he looked at my throat he gasped. Not a good sign when the specialist is making noises like that in response to the problem. It is a very bad infection or something like that. (Looking on the net, it looks exactly like most of the pictures of tonsillitis that I have found). He didn't specifically say what it was. He did a few things, such as spraying something (some sort of bad tasting fumes) into my nose and into my throat, and scraping some of the white guck off (very painful and kept triggering my gag reflex). He also had me inhaling something for a couple of minutes.
I have yet more medication to take for the next couple of days. He only added an antibiotic, as the other things he would have prescribed, I am already pretty much taking.
If it is not getting better by Wednesday, he says I should get injections. Ugh.

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