Saturday, March 10, 2007

or not...

I've had a busy week. Every night it was something different... and my home is still not arranged, as the closet that my school got for me is about 2cm bigger than the space I told them it had to fit in. So, I have to rearrange my entire room in order for it to fit somewhere; anywhere. The table they got me is also too big. I asked for a little Korean style fold up table, as my home is so small. They got me a normal height table.... with only one chair.
Word itself is good. I am enjoying it, and I love my kids. I think my class is the best in the school (and not just because they are my class).
SO.... TODAY I am flying to Japan. I found that out only YESTERDAY!!!!! I was supposed to go in 2 weeks, but they found out yesterday that because my other school sent in my release forms on February 28th, my VISA actually finished then, instead of the 9th, as my actual VISA says. There is a 2 week grace period after the VISA ends, which would put it at the 14th.
I am going to Fukouka. I'm not exactly sure where it is... somewhere in the south of Japan. The other times I have gone on VISA runs, I've gone to Osaka. I don't know where anything is in Fukouka. I had told them right from the beginning that I wanted to go on a weekend so that I could actually do something there, or see something while I am there, rather than just going and getting the VISA. I hate going to a country and not seeing anything while there. It seems like a waste (I did that the last 2 times, as I had no money then).
AND... they booked my tickets yesterday afternoon and only booked my hotel for Monday night, as I have to pay the others (the VISA run now takes 2 days). I had asked them to just add the other two nights but they said they couldn't as it was too late. AND... I asked my boss to print out my e-ticket for me. He said okay, went and printed out a page and handed it to me. I assumed that it was my e-ticket. It was only my itinerary. I HAVE NO PRINTER. I would have done it myself, but I didn't get the email until later that evening. So NOW I have to go find some place that will print it out for me. I also didn't have a chance to figure out what I can do when I am there. I was going to use the next couple of weeks to look it up. Now I am going to a place that I know nothing about. AND I don't yet have a hotel for tonight. I am hoping that if I go to the hotel that they booked me in for Monday, that maybe they will have a room available. And I haven't yet checked what I am allowed to take on the plane. I haven't yet packed anything and I have to leave my home less than 4 hours.

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