Wednesday, January 31, 2007

beautiful eyes

I think so many Koreans have such beautiful eyes. For the most part, they are all very dark brown. When asked what color their eyes are, they always say black. I love my students' eyes. Their eyes always have such a shine to them.Gracie (She is my student at both the kindy and LCC... she's now 6/Korean 8)a girl in the roe deer class (now 4/Korean 6)a girl in the hippo class (now 4/Korean 6)Brian, one of my students at LCC


Brit Sung Kyung Kim Bech said...

Hi Laura* agree with Ü on that.. I'm actually adopted from Korea - and wasn't liking my Korean features until I grew up ..although many people back then would stop and bend backwards about this cute adorable little Korean girl..well, not until I visited Korea again did I realize what you seem to be experiencing now.. that yes, Asians and Koreans are quite beautiful ;) I'll be going to Korea this summer for the International Gathering for Adoptees.. I'll stay tuned to your blog for more info on your life in Seoul - Anyong!

laura said...

Thanks. :)
I hope you enjoy your trip this summer.

Steffi said...

Very beautiful pictures and cute children!Nice blog.


laura said...

Thanks Steffi. ;)