Saturday, January 20, 2007

a little less wise

Well, I now have only one wisdom tooth left.
I got my upper right one removed this morning. I went in, they took my information, took an x-ray, sat me down in the chair and gave me the freezing needle. A few minutes later, my tooth was out and I was on my way home, with 1 tooth and 7000won (USD 7.45/CAD 8.75) less than when I got up this morning.
I had my upper left tooth removed a couple of years ago. That cost me 8000won. Then I had my bottom right tooth pulled. THAT was not fun. The root was in a hook shape around the nerve, so it was a bit more than just having a tooth pulled, and I had to have a few stitches in my mouth. Even so, I was basically in and out. That one cost me a whole 28000won.
Anyway. I now have a hole in my mouth. My face isn't obviously swollen. It hurts a bit, of course... but being me, I'm still going out. I'm going to meet my Egyptians that I met last weekend. I just won't be drinking, and I might actually come home earlier than tomorrow morning.


Amet said...

how many left :)

Cairogal said...

Look after yourself, Laura! Between the weirdo on the subway and dry rot, you've had scary week!

laura said...

I've got only one left.... I'll get that one pulled sometime this year... not looking forward to it. :(
I do try. Sometimes there's not much one can do, though.

Amet said...

:( :)