Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve part II

Once it was 2007, we toasted the new year with our sparkling wine and we all had a New Year's Kiss, or two, or three...I think Chris got the most kisses. One from each girl... he even had an offer from some random guy that was nearby. :OI'm not sure who's decision it was... but Stacey was giving Amy a New Year's Kiss. They both ran to the nearest bar to get another shot a few minutes before. (Just an innocent kiss on the lips, of course.)Then we passed out the sparklers. Some of the group went home at this point: Ally (Korean) and her husband (Canadian?). Ally is VERY pregnant... due in only 2 weeks!!! We were then ready to move on. We weren't sure where to go at first.We thought we'd check out a nearby hof to see if anything was going on there, but it was dead (very boring... not many people, no dancing). So, we went to Club OI, which had posters up on the street.They were having a New Year's party: "ATTACK OF THE LITTLE GREEN WOMEN". Basically, they had 5 female djs providing the entertainment, as well as a few other shows (2 drum pieces and one live painting). Some people were in costume as aliens or anything space related. One girl (one of the drummers) was Princess Pleia.

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