Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Eve part III

Club OI is: "OI: LIVING SCULPTURE LOUNGE CLUB. WATER, ART AND DECOR FOR YOUR IMAGINATION". It was a VERY interesting place to walk into. First of all, when you enter, you have to take off your shoes. They give you a little baggie at the door to put them in so that you can keep them with your things. Going up the stairs, I almost bumped my head, the ceiling was so low. It got better at the top, though. The place is STRANGE, to say the least. It is very hard to explain. Even the bathrooms were odd.You turn on the water on once side (on the left) and the water comes down a half-pipe type thingy from the opposite side. I'm not sure how it happened, but I ended up with a chunk out of my knuckle when I was washing my hands. I slid my knuckle against the bottom of the waterfall/pipe and then there was blood everywhere. I'll live.They weren't very prepared for the number of people that showed up, I think, as they ran out of cups, then they ran out of gin and tonic, then they ran out of rum. When they ran out of cups, they were saying they would only serve beer (bottles) to those that didn't have cups.When I was at the bar, they managed to find a baby cup with little bears on it. :P
The dance floor was lowered a bit... what I assume would be a bit of a water hole.Around the rest of the place were little stream like ruts. Not the best place to be navigating while drunk.Above the dance floor is a huge shower type thingy. The DJ booth beyond that is a bit of an odd looking cage-like thing.Where people sit there are little tables and very comfortable throw pillows around (two levels).
The only thing bad about having no shoes on is when someone drops a bottle... it is not a good thing. They had plastic cups for other drinks, but not for the bottled beer. A bottle was dropped right beside me and a piece of it flew and hit my foot. It didn't cut me or anything... but it did feel sharp. And then, of course, the broken glass had to be cleaned up before dancing could resume.
April and her beau disappeared (went home?) at some point while we were there. The rest of us stayed there for quite a while and then decided we needed a change of scenery... somewhere not so... well... weird. We went to TinPan, a popular dance club in the area. (There is also a TinPanII across the street). It was sooooo crowded. We had a drink there and did a little bit of dancing before a couple of people started getting tired. Time to head home. At least this time I had people to share a cab with!!!!! That NEVER happens! I think I got home around 4 AM or so.Today I found out that one of the groups that was supposed to go skiing cancelled and stayed home. At least one of them fell asleep on the sofa by 10pm.

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