Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The World's Densest Cities

World's Densest Cities

1. Manila, Philippines
population: 1,581,000;
density: 41,014 persons per square kilometer ...

2. Cairo, Egypt
Population: 15.2 million (official) / 25 million (unofficial)
Density: 36,618 persons per square kilometer
Egypt's capital also happens to be the cultural capital of the Arab world and the largest city in Africa. Its traffic is overwhelming. It has to be seen to be believed. Compounding the ever more horrendous noise is the variety of vehicles: autos, buses, bikes, vans and trucks on narrow streets with the use of the sidewalk almost a must. The traffic rarely stays in lanes, instead weaving its own tapestry. It is an elemental force.
[Not to mention the horses pulling carts and donkeys pulling carts that I kept seeing in the mix of vehicles.]

3. Lagos, Nigeria
Population: 10 million to 15 million
Density: 20,000-plus per square kilometer ...

4. Macau
Population: 508,500
Density: 16,521 persons per square kilometer ...

5. Seoul, South Korea
Population: 10,297,000 (20 million-plus metro area)
Density: 16,391 persons per square kilometer
South Korea's capital has great transportation facilities, but it also has 3 million vehicles plying its streets. The huge subway system moves 8 million a day. But rush hour in the evening is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Seoul is also South Korea's business center with company headquarters for Samsung, LG Group and Hyundai. It uses on its streets a full range of vehicle fleets: buses and taxis. Driving can be arduous, and citizens have to learn to be Seoul survivors.

6. Dhaka, Bangladesh
Population: 6,724,976 (11 million-plus metro area)
Density: 14,688 persons per square kilometer ...

7. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Population: 2,776,138 (12 million-plus metro area)
Density: 13,680 persons per square kilometer ...

8. Jakarta, Indonesia
Population: 8,792,000
Density: 11,360 persons per square kilometer ...

9. Kaohsiung/Taipei, Taiwan
Population: of 1,510,577
Density: 9,835 persons per square kilometer ...

10. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Population: 2,530,000
Density: 9,516 persons per square kilometer ...


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