Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I came home today to find my living room crawling with ants. They are EVERYWHERE!!!!! on the wall, all over the floor, on my desk... They were all over Tokki's cage. :( That is only the second time that they have been near her cage. I HATE ANTS!!!
Last week, one of the school's drivers came here during the day to paint an insecticide around the edges of the room. It obviously does not work. I have moved Tokki to the hall for the night and will spray the living room before I go to bed. I only sprayed it a couple of weeks ago. I HATE ANTS!!! I HATE ANTS!!!! They just won't leave me alone.
I had job interview after work today. The school is an English kindergarten (NOT a English hagwon kindy) in Dongbu-Ichon-Dong (Ichon station). It is a very rich area with a lot of returnee families (families that have lived overseas). Many of the parents in the area speak English very well, as do many of the kids. I worked in a hagwon in that area for around 6 months the last time I was in Korea. One of my Korean friends that I made while working there lives almost right across the street from the kindy school.
If I take the job, I will work from 9 to 5. The kindy students are there from 9:50 until 2:30. Then I would have about an hour of teaching elementary kids, or something like that. The kindy has a very set schedule. The school seems to be very organized. There are 5 teachers (of which I would be one) and around 100 students. I would be the only foreign teacher. 2 of the teachers are Kyopos (Koreans that grew up overseas) and the other 2 are English speaking Koreans. I would like to work with other foreigners, but since I have friends in the area, and it is a smaller scale school, it might be okay. Where I am now, I sort of feel like an outsider, and I don't know anyone in the area.
The school doesn't have housing for a teacher right now, as all of the teachers they have had before had been army wives or such, that just took a housing allowance instead. So they would have to find me a home. It would not be in the area, though, as for the most part, it is all very expensive, big apartments. It would probably be near Samgakji Station, which is 2 stops away. They said I would be able to help choose my home (it would be a one room, most likely... which is standard for foreign teachers living here) and such. The thing I care the most about is that it is ANT FREE!!!!! They would also have to get all new furniture and such.
They are offering the same salary as what I am making now. They really seem to want me to work there.
I think I might take it. I would like an easy job, like the one I have now (in a different location), but it does get to me sometimes. Sometimes I wish that I could be more involved in what is going on in the school, rather than just some "celebrity" (the Korean kindy teachers have said I am sort of like a celebrity in the way that the kids look up to me, react to me, etc) that pops into the class once a day for a few minutes.

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