Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve part I

I was having a hard time figuring out what to do for New Year's Eve. The two groups that I would normally go out with were both going skiing (to different locations). I didn't feel like skiing, but didn't want to sit at home. Then, some of one of the groups decided not to go skiing and so we decided to spend the evening in Hongdae.
We started out at an Italian restaurant called Alla Torre. It would be a great place to go in the summer, as they have a huge outdoor area. The food was great, as was the wine. :D

April and her guy
When we finally had our fill, we went out in search of another place to drink. We went to a bar beside the Ice Bar (sorry... I don't remember the name of the place... but they had "Long Ireland Iced Tea" instead of Long Island Iced Tea on the menu). This was also where the urinal planter can be found (see previous post).

A bit of tequila (NOT for me)
We had a few drinks there and waited until it was closer to midnight before heading out to a little park to open up the champagne (actually French sparkling wine bought at the 7-eleven down the street) and count down to the new year.

Clockwise: Ally and her husband, April and her guy, Anthony, a couple of guys that joined the group when we arrived at the park, Amy, Stacey, Chris

A few people around the park were lighting up fireworks and sparklers and flares and such. We were following Chris' I-Pod for time, as it had seconds on it. I think it was a few seconds fast, though, as a group of Koreans nearby looked at us strange when we were counting down, and then cheered a few seconds later. Not a huge deal. Maybe their clock was late!!!


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