Tuesday, February 06, 2007

busy, busy, busy

Well, this is a fairly busy month. I have to move SOMETIME. I'm not sure when, exactly, or where. I'm changing jobs. My contract at the school(s) I'm at will finish the end of the month. After much confusion and disagreements at the school, it has been decided that they will hire a new teacher (money was the deciding factor, as they save money by hiring someone with no experience), rather than keeping me (I had actually decided I wanted to stay). Anyway, I am taking the job at an English kindergarten in Dongbu-Ichon-Dong (more central Seoul, just South of the river). My home won't be near the school, though. It will be 3 subway stops away (there is also a bus that goes that route). As their previous teachers have been army wives, they have to find a home for me. They have been looking around and are looking at 3 different places near Sookmyung Women's University station. I will go with them on Saturday to look at them (I basically get to choose). Then they will get furniture for me.
As my new home is not contracted yet, I don't know when I can move in. And, my current school will be getting new accommodations for the next teacher (a one room studio style apartment closer to the school), and the contract on this home is supposed to be finished on the 28th. I work on the 28th. So far, they don't know exactly when I have to move out. They have suggested I might have to move into the new home here on the 25th, and then again to my new home on the 1st (a holiday here). Or, I should move the morning of the 28th and then go to work. I dont' think so. Plus I think my new school wants me there the morning of the 28th for an introductory/registration thingy.
I should be allowed to move on the 1st. They are still trying to figure it out.
I also need to know how big my new home is so I know if I can take all of my stuff or not (I have a coffee table, tv table, etc) I don't want to take it all there if it won't fit. I guess I'll be able to figure that out this weekend. I also have to pack sometime soon. I HATE packing. And I have nothing to put my stuff in. I have some things that I got the last time I was working in Korea, as well as the stuff I brought and what I bought. I came with two big suitcases, but one broke on the way (the handles fell off) so I got rid of it, so now I am in desperate need boxes or bags or what ever I can find. I don't want to go to the post office to buy boxes just to use for moving (I don't particularly want to carry them home, for one). I think my new school will help me move, but I have to pack first.
Anyway... the last two weeks here will be fairly easy, as the kindy finishes on the 20th (and the 19th is a holiday). That means my last 6 days are afternoon teaching only. YAY!!!
My first day at the new school is the 2nd.


Amet said...

comw work in Egypt :) we want you here

laura said...

If I didn't have so many bills to pay off back home (student loans etc), I would probably be there already. Unfortunately, money is a bit of an issue.

Cairogal said...

Laura, I can think of a few ok schools w/ decent salaries if you do want to go back to Egypt. Not as good as Korea, but you could be earning at least $1500/month plus accommodation. You know yourself how cheap Egypt is, too.

laura said...

Cairogal, I've already taken another job here... but if I do change my mind, or if I decide I don't yet want to go home after finishing my one year contract here, I'll let you know. Thanks.