Friday, September 22, 2006

and just when I though my day couldn't get any worse...

I am supposed to be arriving in Busan around now. Obviously, I am not.
I was having such a bad day. It started last night, really, with the ants. Then this morning... more ants. I ended up having to spray my bathroom really well before I left for work. The ants were coming in other cracks in the wall (not the ones that I had sprayed before). Did I mention I HATE ANTS???!!!
I was going to go to Emart to get some hay for Tokki, but I got busy here and didn't leave soon enough. I cleaned out Tokki's cage and got my bag ready to go. On my way to work... my mouth felt kinda strange. My teeth. Well, I somehow chipped my front tooth. Maybe from the plum that I had before I left? The inner corner of my tooth is now very sharp. It doesn't hurt at all, but it is making my whole mouth feel strange. It is not completely obvious, but it is visible. Argh. Just what I needed... a chipped tooth.
After work I took a taxi to Emart to get some hay, and once I was there, realized that it isn't hay that they have, but alfalfa... which is not so good for rabbits as it is too high in calories, and makes them fat. Well, Tokki will have to deal with eating alfalfa until next week when I can order some more online. There are no other places anywhere near here that have any sort of rabbit food.
I was in a huge rush to finish everything so that I could make it to the station on time. My ticket was for the 9pm train from Seoul to Busan. I left early enough so that I would have some time to get something to eat before I had to be on the train. I wandered around the station a bit and the went to catch my train with about 15 minutes to spare. Well.. I knew that my ticket was for Seoul station, but for some reason, I had it stuck in my head that I was leaving from Yongsan Station in Seoul, as, for some reason, I associate that station with the KTX (some KTX trains do leave from Yongsan station... just not the one that I was supposed to be on!!!). So there I was at Yongsan Station trying to catch a train that was going through Seoul Station. ARGH!!! Pure stupidity. The other trains heading for Busan tonight were completely sold out, so I now have a ticket for the 7am train. ARGH. I wasted several hours tonight, only to end up back where I started. And I now have to get up at around 4:30 in order to make the morning train.
AND... the KTX website says that the trains from Seoul to Busan do go through Yongsan station. The people there said it did not. If I find out it did stop in Yongsan, I will be soooooo angry. Not that I can change anything.
My friends were on that train. They got on before Seoul Station, though, as they live north west of Seoul.
My tooth is bothering me!!!

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