Thursday, September 28, 2006

"teacher, teacher, 'reach for the sky'"

The Min-dal-lei or Dandelion class is one of my Korean 7 year old classes (6 year olds). The teachers of the Dandelion class are more relaxed and easy-going than some of the other teachers. Don't get me wrong... they are great teachers and really care about the students, but they sometimes just let the kids be kids. Some of the other teachers are very controlling, even when I am trying to have to children do activities and such. At times, the Dandelion class children get away with a lot more than those in other classes. As a result, certain activities are more fun, and definitely more active. Some of the songs we sing, such as 'Head and shoulders' and the 'Hokey Pokey' are very different in that class than in others. Another action song, called 'Clap Your Hands' is EXTREMELY different. I only do it for that class as a treat if they are being good, as they absolutely go nuts for it. They call it the 'reach for the sky' song and beg for me to play it every day. The song goes:

Clap your hands;
Touch your toes;
Turn around and put your finger on your nose.
Flap your arms;
Jump up high;
Wiggle your fingers and reach for the sky.

The lyrics seem pretty simple. The thing with the Dandelion class, though, is that at one point, while singing the song, one student got the bright idea of standing on his chair to be able to reach higher. They all love that I can touch the ceiling of their classroom, and try to reach as high as they possibly can. Then they all started jumping on their chairs for the end of the song, and then up onto the tables.

So now, they think it is the greatest song ever, because they are allowed to jump up onto the tables for it. The teachers keep a close eye on the students, but let them have their fun.

Today they started jumping on the tables for the 'Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed' song. Every time they jump up onto the tables, I worry that one is actually going to fall off and really bump his head.

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