Thursday, September 14, 2006

YAY!!!!! and ARGH!!!!!

Today I found out some GREAT news. I get October 4th off. October 3rd is a holiday in Korea. October 5-7 is a holiday in Korea (Chusok - Korean Thanksgiving... yes, it is a 3 day holiday). As it was, I would have worked on the Monday and the Wednesday. I had been trying to get the 4th off as well. My boss said it wasn't possible. But today, I guess things changed and my school will be closed that day. That means I have a 6 day vacation!

I am stuck in Korea for my 6 day vacation doing nothing. It is now basically too late to book any trips anywhere. Every single flight out of Korea and back again are fully booked. Almost every single train to anywhere else in Korea is sold out. What a waste of a good holiday. And after this one, I will only have my winter vacation and then one 3 day weekend in late winter/ early spring. If I had known before that I would have the extra long vacation now, I would have already booked a trip somewhere. Back to China (Xian) or to Vietnam maybe. But NO... Things just don't work out that way.
What really sucks is that because the entire country has the vacation (at least the 4 national holiday days), everyone is going places. Chusok is a bad time for being stuck here, as everything is closed.
once again... ARGH!!!!

Sorry... needed to vent.

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