Friday, September 15, 2006

My dinner.

Very often, I just have soup and rice for dinner. The soup is my version of dwaenjang chiggae (bean paste stew/soup), with mushrooms, tofu, summer squash (?? looks kinda like zucchini but shorter and light greenish on the outside, sort of yellow on the inside), and onions. I add a few things to my rice: purple rice, barley and some sort of rice or such germ. I'll have to look it up. Even just a little bit of the purple rice makes it all turn color. It also tastes sooooo good. The other stuff is kim or seaweed that is roasted and brushed with sesame oil and lightly salted. You use it to wrap a bit of rice. I hate seafood, seaweed included, for the most part, but I do like it in this way.

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