Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chusok activities...

Yesterday and today at the kindy, the classes are doing Chusok activities and games. Half of the classes had their turn yesterday, the rest of them today. As a result, I only have half classes. Yay!!! Too bad they weren't all in a row. All of the classes that had their turn today were dressed up in their traditional clothes, teachers included. I think almost all Koreans own a Hanbok.
There were traditional Korean games and activities set up outside.
[A little relay race of collecting 'chestnuts' in little baskets.][Throwing arrows into a barrel.][A traditional Korean see-saw, done standing, rather than sitting. The participants jump to make it move, trying to go as high as possible.][A Korean version of the hackey sack... basically a bunch or ribbons or string tied together. For the kids, it is attached to a string.][Korean style wrestling.]

The children also did a couple of little performances.

[Traditional Korean drums.][Sangmo- a hat with a twirly thingy attached to the top. The wearer moves his head in a certain way to make the ribbon move around the head and body.]

Professional sangmo performers have very long ribbons on their hats. It is very interesting to watch. Professional performers also do flips and such while twirling the ribbon. The kids had trouble even getting the ribbon to go around, but they had fun, although some of their hats would not stay on top of their heads.

Many of the parents were around to watch the games and performances, and of course, take pictures.

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