Thursday, September 21, 2006


This is getting rediculous. The ants are everywhere!!! They are becoming a serious problem. I can't seem to get rid of them. A couple of days ago, I saw them coming out of the corner and from the cracks between the tiles in the bathroom. I sprayed into the cracks and around the bathroom. Then yesterday, they were coming out of the cracks and spaces in the walls in the kitchen (opposite side of wall). I sprayed there last night, even behind the edges of the lino and the wallpaper, where they were coming out. Today, there are still ants in the bathroom and kitchen. AND... I was going to give Tokki some more hay in her cage... and noticed tiny little things in the hay in the bag... iI think they are baby ants, as there were some big ants in there, too. ARGH!!! I had a couple more bags of hay in my shoe closet, so I went to get a new one out... there were ants on the outside of the bag and inside. They were all over that part of the closet, too. I put all 3 bags of hay into a big bag and sprayed them all. They are garbage, though, as I can't give them to Tokki now. So now I have to get up early to go to the store to get some more hay for Tokki, as I won't have a chance the next few days. I sprayed the closet, also. There are ants EVERYWHERE!!!
I'll have to bomb my place next week. There are bug bombs that I can get at the pharmacy or the store or where ever. You put them in the middle of your home, or the room, or what ever, light it, and let it smoke the place while you're away for the day. I'll have to put Tokki out in my balcony area for that day, or take her to school with me.
I'll have to talk to my school about the problem. Maybe they will have to do the whole building, since the ants are in the walls. (I am on the 2nd floor of a 3 floor building.)
All I know is the ants have to go!!!!! I am getting the crawlies!!! I keep feeling like bugs are crawling on me.... but they aren't... at least not ever time I feel it. Even now, as I sit here, a little ant started walking up my arm.
They are driving me batty!!!!!!

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Bro said...

It sounds like a building infestation. You will not get rid of them with a bug bomb. They will just come back!

Are they driving you batty... or ANTTY?